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Concepts Scotland Ltd. is a reputable company owned by Pierre Bartolo who has over 30 years experience in project management of Home improvement installations. From survey to design to installation to after sales we put our efforts in making sure that the journey for our clients is a pleasant and rewarding experience.



Here is an example of one of our projects which we handled from the point of contact by our client to the finished article


1 The client contacts us and we arrange a suitable date and time for a no obligation survey

We visit the client's property, discuss the client's home improvement project they wish to have installed. Carry out a survey of the work required. Take all necessary notes including measurements and retrun to our showroom to commence with the design


We design the project using 3D software to illustrate the proposed installation. At this point we can alter the design until the client is satisfied ( this process can take a few attempts)


Prepare the final specification according to the products selected by the client and after our designer confirms that the products selected are appropriate to fit the final design layout.


Discuss the specification and prices with the client with a view to closing the deal. At this point the client pays a deposit and the internal administration procedure commences.


Once the contract is signed and the deposit received from the client, we place all orders for the specified products and issue a letter or send an e-mail to the client to indicate the date of commencement of work. The date at this stage is an approximate date as we always have to receive all the products before work commences

7 Once all the products are received we contact the client again to arrange for access to commencement work

All work is project managed by our designer during the duration of the contract. On completion our designer checks off the installation and makes sure that all is to the client's satisfaction


This example project was awarded to our company by the client who requested that their small shower be converted to a large walk-in shower   To achieve this we had to remove the Hall cupboard, re-site the hotwater cylinder which was installed within the cupboard and re-plumb the hot water system   The first job was to remove the existing suite and expose all walls to allow for a full re-plumb of the bathroom including removing the cupboard. Install first fix plumbing, wastes and electrics.   Install the shower first fix part. Test all first fix work and install new moisture resistant plasterboard. The shower tray is installed and tiling work can commence and completed.  
On completion of tiling all products are installed (second fix). The result is extremely comfortable for the client as in this particular case the large desired shower area is achieved complimented with some excellent Tiling design   To achieve the design, the basin is re-sited, the radiator is re-sited and the WC is re-sited. New products are installed to suit the design.   The finished article is our pride and more important is the positive reaction from the client.   Designs are all carried out using Logicom Virtual World 3D software  


Designs at Concepts Scotland Ltd. are carried out by using Logicom Virtual World 3D software.
Here is an example of one of our projects showing the computer 3D drawings and photos of the finished job taken on completion of work. The result is very similar to the 3D drawings making our design service a true image of what the client can expect.

Top view of our 3D design showing the client the kitchen layout as per their amendments and our recommendations which we agreed after a few attempts at the overall layout   Above is our 3D visual of the Hob and sink area. Below is the photo of the same area of the kitchen which we took once the job was complete   Above is our 3D visual of the built-under fridge and built-under freezer both concealed to create one piece of furniture. Below is the photo of the same area of the kitchen which we took once the job was complete